Monday, 29 June 2015

The Second Day!

Hello again my loyal readers, I hope that you are all feeling well! Today has been an.... interesting day to say the least with some rather odd happenings. As I strolled into my classroom, as I do every morning, I noticed that something wasn't quite right about my teacher and, now I think about it, my classmates were acting out of the ordinary themselves! In order to decipher what was so very important that it would warrant my friends to be acting this way, I peeked at the school timetable and then I remembered! This afternoon we were to create Jam Jars (jars filled with goodies such as sweets, toys and games)! Oh no! I hadn't brought one in! Luckily, I was not the only student that had forgotten about this, in fact, only 1 in 7 students had actually remembered!

Instead of making a Jam Jar,  I helped out around the school, carrying out tedious tasks such as taking old unwanted Math supplies and putting them in the recycling bin. And it was all my fault for not telling my mother about this crafting opportunity. I will be starring in a School Leaver's play and have a reasonably small part. I am to play an alcoholic elf guard (the play is J.R.R Tolkien's legend 'The Hobbit') who becomes a little tipsy after discussing what a waste it is that all of the wine barrels will be thrown into the Lake-town river and drinking wine until they fall asleep and Bilbo (main character) steals their keys to break the dwarves out of the Goblin Dungeon.

Anyway, back to my day of weirdness! After home-time I walked home as usual and found that my usual path was closed due to gas/water works that had been happening since 22/06/15 I realized that there were no men working in the ditch but just a strange black shadow seemingly floating off of the ground!


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