Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Intro! With Video

Hello my friends, I hope that you are well. As this is my first ever post on Blogger, I believe that I should probably introduce myself. My name is Luke, I live in the UK and I possess 2 wonderfully strange cats. I am a Junior Crafter who also enjoys playing football, writing books and of course, crafting with my fabulous mum! I haven't been crafting for long (in fact, only a few weeks!) but I think that I already have a firm favourite in term of types of crafting. Said favourite is Card Making. Essentially, why buy a card for £7 when you can make it with £92 worth of crafting supplies?

This entire post is about the fact that I will be entering numerous C.R.A.F.T competitions and may even win a few! I hope that you enjoy looking through my post(s) which I will try my best to put up every day. However, if I cannot quite manage to write something every day, don't stress too much, you'll hurt yourself. Anyway, I would like to thank my mother for passing the crafting bug on to me!

One day, in my ideal world, everyone will at least have tried crafting, and if they don't like it then fair enough. All I ask is that you at least attempt a crafting project, you never know, you might even surprise yourself!

Thank you for reading
Junior Crafter

P.S: If you bothered to read through all of that then here is a small gift for you! :D                   <<<<<<<

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